The Heirs of Fire

The Heirs of Fire

The horsemen rode across the plains,

The Valley of Fate in their sights

To the final trial of wisdom and of might:

To slay or to be slain!

For countless aeons, the Fire had burned red,

Wrested from the King and the Heir

For countless aeons, down the path of despair,

The Usurper had gently led

But the day was finally nigh

When the true heir’s rider-knights

Would seek the malicious, falsified light

And set its schemes awry

So, beyond the mountains of smoke, hate and rage

The frostbound knights rode

To the Fire-Usurper’s abode

The harbingers of the dawning age

And there, from the Valley of Fate

Came a flurry of claw, wing and blade

Just as the daylight began to fade

A clash of cold resolve and infernal hate!

And under Autumn’s very last sun,

The knights wavered not

The false light had come to naught

The Era of Frozen Flames had begun!

-Dr. Faust

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